Prayers for ISREAL

Prayers for Palestine

Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, wrote the following prayer from the perspective of residents of Israel/Palestine. We offer this prayer not for our own cultural appropriation, but to join with them in solidarity, praying for peace.


Our Father in heaven,

Creator of all humanity,

Whose mercies are upon all His creatures

and Whose love is withheld from none.

Who has sanctified the Holy Land from the River to the Sea

and placed here both Palestinians and Israelis,

Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Let our unique and particular covenants with You

never blind us to Your love of all Your creatures.

May our love of You,

of our nation and of the land,

never prevent us from loving the other peoples of this land of Yours,

and may it never prevent us from honoring their love of this land.

Help us to break free of the hubris of exclusivity

that imprisons us in a narrow perspective

and allows us to be concerned only about our own.

Help us to heal our suspicions, fears, and hatreds

and to aspire towards harmony and brotherhood.

Help us to fully see the humanity of all

and to expand our concern, our identities and the circles of our love

to embrace all the peoples of this land.

Help us to remember that our fates are intertwined

and that our destiny is to live together;

that one people’s pain, suffering, loss or restriction

will only bring the same for the other;

and that the welfare and the happiness of one

depends on the welfare and the happiness of the other.

Elevate our wills

to desire for the other

what we desire for our own people.

Grant us the courage and the strength

to join forces to search together

and to dedicate ourselves

to the implementation of the common good

of all the peoples of this land of Yours.

In this way may we bring joy to Your land and gladness to Your city,

and may You look favorably upon us and bless us all with peace.