Twelve Step Groups

Oceanview hosts several Twelve Step meetings a week. We provide meeting and special event space for annual functions and gatherings. Listed below are the groups who presently hold weekly meetings:

    AA – Alcoholics Anonymous, alcoholic issues

    NA – Narcotics Anonymous, cross platform drug issues

    OA – Overeaters Anonymous, food abuse

    Al-Anon – alcoholic family members/friends

    Alateen – young people, alcoholic family members/friends

If anyone has questions about issues they may be experiencing or someone close to them may be exhibiting, please check the following websites and helplines for further help:

AA—Local 24/7 Help Line: 561-655-5700

Local website: National website:

NA—Local 24/7 Help Line: 561-848-NANA/561-848-6262

Local website: National website:

OA—No Help Line found at this time.

Local website: National website:

Al-Anon and Alateen—24/7 Help Line: 800-344-2666

Local website: National website: 


Meeting Day    Meeting Time       Location                      Group Name                                           Type

Sunday                 6:30 pm       Multipurpose Room    Alateen                                                   Mixed Youth

Sunday                 6:30 pm       Fellowship Hall            Al-Anon Sunday Night Surrender       Mixed Adult

Sunday                 7:45 pm       Fellowship Hall            AA End of the Road                              Mixed Adult

Wednesday          5:30 pm      Fellowship Hall           Ladies Serenity Yoga                            Adult Women

Wednesday          7:00 pm      Fellowship Hall            Women's End of the Road AA            Adult Women

Friday                  12 Noon       Fellowship Hall            Back to Basics Al-Anon                        Mixed Adult

Friday                  7:30 pm       Fellowship Hall            End of the Road/AA                            Mixed Adult

Saturday             9:00 am        Fellowship Hall            End of the Road/AA                             Mixed Adult