C.R.O.S. Food Pantry

C.R.O.S. (Christians Reaching Out to Society) Ministries collaborates with other organizations to help feed the hungry in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. In 1978, a group of United Methodist Churches located in Palm Beach County came together to form Christians Reaching Out to Society (CROS Ministries). They realized that together they could make more of a difference assisting the community’s unmet needs.

We believe that to be successful in addressing hunger, the community must come together. For 38 years, C.R.O.S. has brought people of different faiths, civic groups, and members of our community to work together effectively towards the common goal of ending hunger in our county. With limited staff, we utilize the talents of more than 3,000 volunteers to operate our programs. Using volunteers keeps our costs down which allows us to be open numerous days/week. All services are provided free of charge without regard to race, religion, national origin, marital status, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

Yearly Activities and Important Tasks:

  • December:  Christmas collection to Gifts of Hope
  • December through May:  Gleaning
  • April:  Annual fund raiser (Old School Square)
  • May:  Postman’s Food Drive (Participate)June through
  • August:  Day Camps for elementary and middle school students from low income families.
  • October:  Annual “End Hunger Walk” in West Palm Beach.

You can help by volunteering to serve at food pantries or at the C.R.O.S. office; donating food or money or gleaning produce.

Website:   http://www.crosministries.org

Contact to Volunteer:  Juanita Bryant Goode, Director of Engagement

Email:    jgoode@crosministries.org

Contact to Donate:  Gibbie Nauman, Dir. of Develop. & Community Relations

Email:   gnauman@crosministries.org

Family Promise

Oceanview Church is a Host Congregation in an Interfaith Hospitality Network called Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County. We provide accommodations, meals and support to local families with children, who are facing homelessness.

Four times a year, Oceanview Church hosts one to three families for a one week period. Hosting months are usually: February, May, August and December.

Tasks involved with hosting include:

  • Setting up and breaking down guest rooms
  • Overnight hosts
  • Childcare
  • Providing meals
  • food or serving assistance
  • Activity planning and participation
  • Laundry
  • Transportation

Ways to be involved with Family Promise:

  • Volunteer your time for any of the various task opportunities. 
  • Donate food or funds to purchase supplies for the host week. 
  • Financially support Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County. 
  • Year round opportunities are available with fund raising, volunteering at the Day Center and event planning. 

Website:   https://www.familypromisencpbc.org/


Email:   family@oceanviewumc.com

Kathy Perry: 561.308.6522

Good Samaritan Fund

Good Samaritan Fund – throughout the year

At Oceanview one way we offer second mile giving is through the Good Samaritan Fund. This is a special local fund at Oceanview that provides for the needs of those here in our community who need financial help with utilities, rent transportation, etc and food support for the homeless from time to time.

Participation is easy. You can make a donation through Oceanview Give on the website or you can mail your donation check to Oceanview designating it to the Good Samaritan Fund.

It Takes A Village Ministry

“It Takes a Village” ministry provides school donations when needed for Safety Patrol Trips for Jupiter Elementary, Riviera Beach Elementary and Palmetto Elementary Schools in Palm Beach County. Oceanview donates uniform shirts, uniform shorts, school supplies and donations (when needed) to help fund a child going on the Spring Safety Patrol Trip to Washington D.C.

The AAA School Safety Patrol program is the largest traffic safety program in the world. Since its inception in 1920, the program has provided a safer environment and educational opportunities for millions of school children. Each year, more than 654,000 children participate at over 34,500 schools throughout the country.

The program instills students with a sense of responsibility, leadership and citizenship. AAA provides an array of equipment and material, including electric-lime fluorescent belts, nickel plated steel badges and training. When properly uniformed and trained, they ensure their classmates safety to and from school every day. The program helps reduce injuries and deaths among 5-to-14 year olds, the age group most at risk for pedestrian injury.

During Vacation Bible School, we collect donations of school supplies for our local schools. In addition, we purchase and distribute uniform shirts and shorts to each or our ‘adopted’ schools prior to the beginning of each new school year.

You can help by donating school supplies, back packs, and uniform shirts/shorts. Bring them to Oceanview Church or donate directly to the “It Takes A Village Ministry”.

“It Takes a Village” Contact Information:

JoJo Brockman, Email: village@oceanviewumc.com

Palm Beach County Food Project

The Palm Beach County Food Project is a Neighborhood Food Donation Program which began in June 2013. Several members of Oceanview Church were among the initial Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) for the Project. The initial pick up in June 2013 was 500 pounds from 37 donors. The program has grown to numerous neighborhoods throughout Palm Beach County. In the last twelve months, nearly 35 TONS of food has been donated.


I am very sorry to announce the cancellation of our next pick-up in August due to the tenfold increase in Covid-19 cases in Florida since our June event! There would be no justifiable reason to even remotely endanger our fine volunteers! 

Please encourage donations from anyone, your friends, your employers and I can guarantee that 100% of the funds will go to support our partner pantries! Thank you very much!

Our partner food pantries will be struggling due to the added number of people needing food as many unemployed's federal benefits will be running out, and with the possible elimination of eviction protection, the number of homeless and hungry people will likely increase. Therefore, we will need to revert to Plan B, as we did in April, and do the best we can to raise funds. The money raised will be used to provide the much-needed food without putting any of our Food Project volunteers in an environment that could endanger their health.  

From April to June we were able to raise some $30,000, which supported our partner pantries by giving them cash to purchase much needed items in bulk for their distribution to the hungry. We were also able to provide some 33,000 meals of chicken ramen noodle soup. The ten pallets of soup went a long way in the food programs of CROS Ministries, More Than Conquerors Life Center, Extended Hands Community Outreach and the MCC food pantry!

Please help by making a financial donation rather than through our regular "Green Bag" way. Here is how you can give:  

Visit our website to donate conveniently by credit card: www.palmbeachcountyfoodproject.org



Hi PBCFP Neighborhood Coordinators,

     GREAT NEWS!! Thanks to all of your hard work, the Palm Beach County Food Project collected approximately 1600 bags of food and other needed items which equals 24,000 pounds or 12 tons!! It is truly amazing how much of a difference it makes when people put their compassion for others into action. CONGRATULATIONS!

  **Very important, please share with your donors how well we did this month and how much we appreciate all of their donations. We could not do this without them. Also, encourage them to go to our facebook page: PBC Food Project and "like" it which will help us spread the word. Other good news, 5 new coordinators are coming "on board" this month.

   Hoping that all of you stay well and stay safe during this summer season. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am attaching several pictures of some of our volunteers that worked very hard unpacking bags and packing boxes. You can also share with your donors when you send out our results and your thank you to them. 


Kay Heisler

District Coordinator

Palm Beach County Food Project


Building Community. Sharing Food.

Neighbors donate a bag of food every two months. It’s incredibly easy, because we supply the bag…and we pick up the food! This provides food pantries with a steady, year-round supply of food…and provides donors with the ongoing satisfaction of making a real difference. They also get to know their neighbors, which builds a powerful sense of community. So everyone wins.

The Food Project is a revolutionary way to collect food: It’s a donor drive, not a food drive.

Instead of asking for one-time contributions of food, our volunteers . . . ( Neighborhood Coordinators ),  enlist their neighbors to become long-term Food Donors. 

How the Food Project Works:

The NEIGHBORHOOD COORDINATOR (NC) signs up his or her neighbors to be Food Donors. Each Donor receives a green cloth grocery bag in which to collect his or her food donation. Every two months, the NC picks up the green food bags from their Donors and leaves a new bag for the next pick up.

The food is then boxed and taken to a designated collection site. The food is sorted, weighed and ready almost immediately for distribution to food Pantries (such as those operated by C.R.O.S. Ministries) where it is then distributed to hungry and needy people in Palm Beach County.

You can become a Neighborhood Coordinator in your neighborhood. It is quite easy, you will have plenty of tools to help you get it done and you will feel great!! You can sign up to be a Neighborhood Coordinator on the website listed below, or contact either Erich or Kay.

For more information, check out the Palm Beach County Food Project’s Website: http://www.palmbeachcountyfoodproject.org/

PBC Food Project Contact:  Erich Zlanabitnig: (561) 444-9488

Oceanview’s Coordinator: Kay Heisler:  foodproject@oceanviewumc.com

St. George’s Episcopal Church Soup Kitchen

St. George’s Center – Saturday Bag Lunch Program

St. George’s Episcopal Church

21 W. 22nd Street

Riviera Beach, Florida

St. George’s Center in Riviera Beach, created in 1998, emerged from a need to feed and clothe indigent and homeless individuals and their families in the area. In 2014, St. George’s Center served 116,514 meals to the hungry residents of the community. Oceanview is one of several churches that provide meals at the center.

We serve bag lunches on the 1st and 5th Saturday of each month. We arrive at the Center in Riviera Beach at 10:45 am to prepare lunches. Lunches are then handed out between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. Our church provides drinks, chips, cookies and and Publix style bags enough to pack 100 lunches. The sandwiches are provided by other churches and are supplied at St. George’s.

Bags are assembled with 1 water, 1 of each snack item and 2 – 3 sandwiches. Staff at St. Georges usually can tell you how many sandwiches to put in each bag. Sometimes staff will give you extra items to put in the bags. Begin handing out sandwiches at 11:30 (not earlier). Seconds can be handed out at 12:15 and not earlier unless staff tells you it is OK. You are done at 12:30 and if any filled bags are left just leave them there.

Barbara will contact you the beginning of the week of your scheduled date to confirm and coordinate the food and bag drop off.


You can volunteer to help pack and hand out bag lunches on a Saturday at St. George’s Center. This is less than a two hour time commitment. Two volunteers are needed for each Saturday. You can sign up for as many, or as few, Saturdays as you would like. Volunteers. please wear closed toe shoes and bring a hat/cap to wear while working in the food prep and serve areas. Sorry, but no children under 12 years of age are allowed to serve.

Location of Kitchen:   St. George’s Soup Kitchen

921 West 22nd Street, Riviera Beach, FL 33404.

Directions: Take I-95 to the Blue Heron exit and head east to Broadway. Turn right onto Broadway. Turn right onto West 22nd Street. St. George’s Episcopal Church is on the right; the soup kitchen is inside the church.


Website:  http://st-georgeschurch.org/

Oceanview Church Contact Information:

Barbara Hollings; (561) 214-0373

Email:  ovstgeorges@oceanviewumc.com