Mission Focus: Family Promise

Family Promise is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to helping homeless families in our community regain their independence. 

Currently in Palm Beach County, there are nearly 2000 homeless children registered in Palm Beach County Schools. We invite you to learn more about us and perhaps endeavor to help us in our mission. All donations to Family Promise are tax deductible.

The following is a list of items needed for Family Promise Families, who are currently being housed in COVID safe, small apartments. There are several families under Family Promise care so your donations are gratefully requested. For more info on Family Promise of North Central Palm Beach County and/or make an online monetary donation, please go to: http://www.familypromisencpbc.org/

Wish List Needs

Stroller for a child up to 3 years old

Highchair for our Day Center

Breakfast items

Granola bars

Cereal bars

Apples / oranges/Bananas

Cheese sticks




Bottled Water

Juice Boxes

FP has done an amazing job continuing to work with families, house families, etc. thru this pandemic, I'm very proud of what they are still accomplishing, dealing with obstacles/circumstances that have greatly impacted the normal operation of the program. - Kathy Perry


Wednesday Night Class

Love Is the Way - Bishop Michael Curry

Join Pastor Emily for a Zoom class on
"Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times" by Bishop Michael B. Curry

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm

Walk the path of love with one of the warmest, most beloved spiritual leaders of our time, and learn how to put faith into action.

As the descendant of slaves and the son of a civil rights activist, Bishop Michael Curry's life illustrates massive changes in our times. Much of the world met Bishop Curry when he delivered his sermon on the redemptive power of love at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. Here, he expands on his message of hope in an inspirational road map for living the way of love, illuminated with moving lessons from his own life. Through the prism of his faith, ancestry, and personal journey, Love Is the Way shows us how America came this far and, more important, how to go a whole lot further.

The way of love is essential for addressing the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing the world today: poverty, racism, selfishness, deep ideological divisions, competing claims to speak for God. This book will lead readers to discover the gifts they need in order to live the way of love: deep reservoirs of hope and resilience, simple wisdom, the discipline of nonviolence, and unshakable regard for human dignity.

Click Here to Sign Up and get your Zoom Link to Class. 

Sunday Morning, 11:00 am

Zoom Bible Study with Greg Rogers

Life is crazy, but you don't have to be.

Sunday Morning Bible study put hope, joy and peace in your heart. Get connected with our online Sunday morning Bible Study. Learn from each other, explore God's words as we delve into the Bible together. Get real hope for real life in real time. Sign up by emailing Greg Rogers (link below).

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Rance's Chair Yoga Class

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Rance's Yoga Class: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 11:15 am out on the Breezeway (upper level). Bring your own folding chair, rubber soled shoes, water, towel and mask

April 2021 Events

UMC Global Ministries EarthKeepers Online Training 2021 - Sign UP!

Global Ministries EarthKeepers Online returns May 7-22, 2021.

Global Ministries seeks U.S.-based United Methodists to lead grassroots environmental projects that are action-oriented, anti-racist, bold and entrepreneurial.

Global Ministries EarthKeepers is a training program that equips US-based United Methodists to launch and grow environmental projects in their communities. Topics include eco-theology, anti-racism, community organizing, and project planning. All participants plan a project during the training.
Participation is limited to people who are actively involved in United Methodist churches in the United States.

Application Closes: April 12, 2021 or when spaces are filled.

Training Materials Available: April 30, 2021.

EarthKeeper Program: Rev. Jenny Phillips


EarthKeepers Event Webpage - More Details See: 


Mission Focus: CROS Camps

A message from the director, Emily Zarzycki

CROS Ministries Summer Camp Program needs your help to collect the following items for their STEAM program:

Paper plates, Paper bowls, Plastic Cups (8 oz or smaller), Napkins - Tall Kitchen trash bags, Dixie Cups, Plastic silverware, (knives, forks, spoons), Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Wax Paper, Solo Cups, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Brown Paper Bags (lunch sacks), 

Deadline to bring in items to the church is Sunday, May 9th

CROS Camp is a nine-week summer day camp program for children, who have completed kindergarten and just finished 8th grade, living in Title I zip codes (neighborhoods receiving federal funding for schools where at least 40% of the students are from families with low incomes) in Lake Worth.

For more information, contact Emily Zarzycki

CROS Ministries

3677 23 rd. Avenue South, #B-101

Lake Worth, FL 33460

(561) 233-9009 · (561) 233-9819 (fax)



April 29, 2021 Lifeline Screening - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Location: Oceanview Fellowship Hall

Screenings PROVIDE – Peace of Mind or Early Detection!

Ultrasound tests to IDENTIFY RISK FACTORS for cardiovascular disease and Osteoporosis as well as an EKG to detect Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) are offered for ONLY $149 (averages out to only $30/test) 

Pre-registration is required. Appointments begin at 9am. CALL 1-888-653-6450 to register and receive a $10 package discount.

These tests go beyond regular checkups. They are painless, non-invasive and disrobing is NOT required! Do you have a Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account. The cost of these preventive health screenings may qualify for reimbursement. ASK about our Health Risk Assessment – 6 for Life. Not only can you learn about your vascular health through our ultrasound screenings, our disease risk assessment screening, 6 for Life is a personalized report that predicts your risk of 6 major chronic diseases: STROKE – DIABETES – HEART DISEASE – CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE – COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) – LUNG CANCER.


Samuel in Springtime

Join Pastor Emily on a journey through the book named for the Prophet and Judge of Israel, Samuel. 

1st Samuel chapter one begins on May 1, 2021. Sign up to receive the daily email below.

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Virtual Book Discussion Group

Tuesday, May 4th

on Zoom - 7:00 pm


Our Discussion Book: 

"#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women" edited by Lisa Charleyboy, Mary Beth Leatherdale



It's Time to READ: Join our Virtual Book Discussion Group, sponsored by United Methodist Women, where Alice Naegele, DJ Olson, Kim Wendt and Jeannette Hatzenbuhler continue their most interesting discussions on books, on missions and on life. You are invited to join the conversation...

Whether looking back to a troubled past or welcoming a hopeful future, the powerful voices of Indigenous women across North America resound in this book. In the same style as the best-selling Dreaming in Indian, #Not Your Princess presents an eclectic collection of poems, essays, interviews, and art that combine to express the experience of being a Native woman. Stories of abuse, humiliation, and stereotyping are countered by the voices of passionate women making themselves heard and demanding change. Sometimes angry, often reflective, but always strong, the women in this book will give teen readers insight into the lives of women who, for so long, have been virtually invisible.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Sponsored by United Methodist Women.


Here is our 2021 List of Great Books we are reading.

Save the dates and join us for any or for all.

June 1, 2021: "Gum Moon: A Novel of San Francisco Chinatown" by by Jeffrey L Staley


FL United Methodist Churches With Live Stream Services

Here is the list of Florida UMC churches that live stream services. Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. Check out a few great services: 


Oceanview Church participates in the Christian Copyright License International's (CCLI) music, streaming, rehearsal and video copyright licensing programs. Our CCLI License #625707.

Online teaching series based on 'Chuck Knows Church'

A free online teaching series based on Chuck Knows Church and designed to help congregations discuss critical issues that potentially are preventing them from being vital churches, is now available from Discipleship Ministries.