Acts of the Apostles in Autumn Begins Oct. 1, 2020

Did you enjoy Summer in the Scriptures? 

Then join Pastor Emily Denmark McGee as she 'travels' though the Book of Acts this Autumn. Subscribe HERE to get daily email links to the series.

Dream Big Study Guide by Bob Goff

Wednesdays at 10:00 am (Zoom)

To register, email Rev Betty at Order your book from Amazon or get an ebook online.

What would you do if opinion, reason, or probability were no objects? What do you deeply desire to do even if it scares you to the marrow of your bones? What were you meant to do even if no other person thinks you should? 

He shares stories from the Bible that show how God called certain individuals to follow him--regardless of their lack of "qualifications"-- and how those people changed the world when they dared to follow God's dreams for their lives. In the same way, God is calling us to step into the version of our lives that he intended for us before others told us it was impossible and once again dream big.

Sunday Morning at 11 am
Zoom Bible Study

Starting Sept 27 - Ephesians

I don't know about you but I have been missing all your faces and the lively discussion. Join Rev. Betty on Zoom Sunday mornings at 11:00 am. 

Let me know you are interested by emailing me at 

I will then email you the link you need to get started. Rev Betty

CROS Ministry Update

Long-term Volunteers (3 – 6 months or more commitment) are needed to help us with client intake (working on a computer) on Wednesday mornings 9:30 am – 11:00 am (Mobile Food Pantry located in St. George’s Episcopal Church and Center in Riviera Beach), on Saturday mornings 8:30 am – 10:00 am (Mobile Food Pantry located at Church in the Palms in Greenacres) and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (Lake Worth Food Pantry located at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lake Worth) Training will be provided. If interested or for more information, please contact Gibbie Nauman at

Volunteer Needed at Our Lighthouse Pantry
Our Lighthouse Food Pantry in Belle Glade is set to reopen on September 15! We are looking for volunteers to help in the pantry on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm. Please contact Mayra for more details at 561-755-2495,

Sorting Food and Packing Pantry Bags
We need help sorting and packing bags of food to give out at our six open food pantries. Groups of 5-6 people maximum because of social distancing guidelines. Adults and high school rising freshman through seniors may now sign-up too if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Location is at our Lake Worth warehouse near
I-95 and 10th Ave. You must sign up for sorting or packing food bags by clicking on this link.

NOTE: We had enough bags of food for this week's food distribution. New volunteer slots will open up soon for next week. Contact Gibbie Nauman at for more information.


Annual Conference 2020 - Virtual - Sept 19

Bishop Carter, the Cabinet, and the Annual Conference Planning Team are announcing today that the regular session of Annual Conference 2020 will be a virtual only event on Saturday September 19, 2020.  We had hoped to be able to host a hybrid event at First Lakeland allowing for some to attend in person and some virtually.  After careful discernment and review of the latest information about COVID-19, Conference leaders have determined that we cannot plan to safely gather a large group inside a sanctuary in September.  We are learning alongside every other annual conference who are shifting to virtual only large events. 

Commissioning and Ordination will be live streamed on Saturday, September 12. 

To read more about these changes and the plans for Annual Conference 2020, please visit the Florida Conference Annual Conference webpage by clicking here

Pre-Annual Conference Orientations will be held for those who are delegates for 2020. Details are available on the Florida Conference website by clicking here

Sunday, Sept 27th - 3:00 pm

Oceanview Show & Tell on Zoom

Men, Women and Youth of all ages are invited to join in a light-hearted "show & tell" event. Zoom it! What are you DOING with your time this month? Are you baking? Learning a new hobby, reading a good book? Gardening? Sleeping?????zzzzz or what?

Bring photos, projects and share with your Oceanview family what's happening. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired by what someone else is doing.... ! Crafters - bring your 'wares. Sponsored by Oceanview United Methodist Women. 

Register in advance:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Lay Servant Leadership - Online Course  Sept-Oct


Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders
An Advanced Course in Lay Servant Ministries
Facilitated by Rod Groom, Conference Director
Tuesday Evenings, September 22nd – October 27th
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Click Here to register and pay
Deadline to register is 9/13/2020


This course will be conducted via Zoom. Participation on online discussion boards will be a requirement of this class. Please buy and read the Participant’s Book prior to the first class. It is available in Print, Kindle and ePub formats through the Upper Room, Cokesbury and Amazon.
The mission of the United Methodist Church is to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Where will these leaders come from, and how will they lead movements of hope into a transformed vision of the world? This study will provide lay servants and others with scriptural foundations of Christian transformational leadership, as well as organizational effectiveness principles. The goal is to offer a framework to understand how we can be Christian transformational leaders in their churches, at work and in the world.

For further information, contact Rod Groom at

Cost $25.00, payable to the Florida Annual Conference. CLICK HERE to register and pay. 
Deadline to register is 9/13/2020

A few scholarships may be available. If interested, email

Atlantic Central Virtual Book Discussion - Sept 29 at 7 pm

Time to READ: Join our Virtual Book Discussion Group, where Alice Naegele, DJ Olson, Kim Wendt and Jeannette Hatzenbuhler continue their most interesting discussions on books, on missions and on life. Anyone interested is welcome to join us. Contact any of the above for more info about the current book under discussion. Sponsored by United Methodist Women. 

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. 

OUR September 29th Book: "Which Way, Lord?" 

Do you feel like you need direction in your life, during these confusing and troubling times? I sure do! "Which Way, Lord?" takes us all the way back, 2000 years ago, to a man named Saul, who was convinced he was doing the Lord's will by convicting some "heretics," who were spreading "lies." (Those "heretics" were actually the early followers of the resurrected Christ!) But, Saul was convinced of his quest, until Jesus pulled the plug on it all! Jesus then proceeded to transform Saul into the Apostle Paul. As we study his journey, we will also find out how we can be transformed and used by God, along the way, and how to make choices that will glorify Him. Join us on this journey.

Upcoming Book Discussion Dates (Save these dates!)

        Sep 29, 2020 07:00 PM - "Which Way, Lord" by Rob Fuquay

        Oct 20, 2020 07:00 PM

        Nov 3, 2020 07:00 PM

        Dec 1, 2020 07:00 PM


Friday, October 2nd - 9:30 AM The Breezeway Crafters!

Join a lively group of handcrafters of all skill levels engaged in a variety of hand crafts.

Join a lively gathering of handcrafters, from beginners to seasoned veterans, in a variety of hands on craft projects. 

Participants can share ideas, patterns and help one another with their projects. Bring your craft project, a folding chair, something to drink and your sun hat and mask. 

Join us for a socially distanced time of crafting and chatting. 

Where: UPPER Breezeway at Oceanview UMC

Sunday, October 18th - 3:00 pm Oceanview Online Game Day

It's amazing how some of the most classic games are 'Zoomable'. 

From your own home, with snacks and soda pop join in for games such as: Outburst!, Bingo, Taboo, Mind Trap, Pictionary, Charades and Scattagories. Sponsored by Oceanview United Methodist Women.

Register in advance:

Thursday, October 8th - 7:00 pm World Communion and World Thanksgiving Session via Zoom

Learn about breads and grains from around the world and even how to make them. Learn what United Methodist Women is doing worldwide with the World Thank Offering - Online. 

During our time together, Rev. Betty Kniss will show us how to share our God-stories through the making and breaking of bread. Sponsored by Oceanview United Methodist Women.

Register in advance:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

“The bread that we break is a communion (koinonia) with the body of Christ.

The fact that there is only one loaf means that, though there are many of us,

we form a single body, because we all have a share in this one loaf.”

1 Corinthians 10:16-17

Altar Bread (not gluten free)

Dry Ingredients: 

4 cups whole wheat flour

4 tsp. double-acting baking powder

2 tsp. salt

Sift the dry ingredients together into a bowl. Then pour in the honeyed water. You may have to warm the honey to get it into liquid form. Be sure to mix the oil with the honeyed water before pouring it into the bowl. Do not pour all the honeyed water into the mixture, only as much as is needed to make a smooth, soft dough, not too sticky to handle. 

Turn the dough out onto the lightly floured surface and knead it gently. Then roll out the dough to the desired thickness. 

We find that about 3/16 of an inch works well for us. Then cut the dough into the desired size and shape. 

Use a metal soup bowl which measures about six inches across. This size is enough for 25 to 60 communicants. We also make other sizes for different services. This bread leaves little in the way of crumbs and is quite adaptable to the number of communicants.

Honeyed Water:

½ cup vegetable oil

½ cup honey

3/4 cup milk

1 cup water


Before putting into the oven, cut a cross into the surface of the dough. This facilitates the breaking of the bread into four quarters, and thus others can help the celebrant to break the required number of pieces. The cross is best cut by a knife having a serrated edge. Use the knife also to smooth out the outer edge, by patting it with the side of the knife. 

Place the breads (this batch easily makes 9 pieces) onto lightly greased baking pans or baker’s stone, and put into the oven at about 350 degrees. It should take from 10 to 15 minutes to bake. Let the bread cool for about 1 hour. 

Then wrap individual pieces in cellophane, and refrigerate. Take it out about 1 hour before using. They can be put into freezer bags and stored in the freezer, taking out the amount which will be used the night beforehand. 

Recipe provided compliments of the Trappist Community of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Monastery, Conyers, Georgia. Please remember them in your prayers.

PB County Food Project




Please bring your PBC Food Project Food Bags, filled with healthy canned goods (see pbcfp website below for list of needed items)

Drive to the Upper Level. Please stay in your car and a masked volunteer will take your food donations (in bags) from your car. Then you will drive off. Easy. Needed.

Our partner food pantries are struggling due to the added number of people needing food as many unemployed's federal benefits run out. With the possible elimination of eviction protection, the number of homeless and hungry people will likely increase. Therefore, we need to raise funds. The money raised will be used to provide the much-needed food without putting any of our Food Project volunteers in an environment that could endanger their health.

From April to June we were able to raise some $30,000, which supported our partner pantries by giving them cash to purchase much needed items in bulk for their distribution to the hungry. We were also able to provide some 33,000 meals of chicken ramen noodle soup. The ten pallets of soup went a long way in the food programs of CROS Ministries, More Than Conquerors Life Center, Extended Hands Community Outreach and the MCC food pantry! 

Please help by making a financial donation. Here is how you can give: 

Visit our website to donate conveniently by credit card:

Oceanview Annual Charge Conference - October 25th

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 2:00 PM - via Zoom

For this year, the Florida Conference is requesting that all Annual Charge Conferences be Charge Conferences not Church Conferences. This means that your leadership will have voting privileges. The scheduled Charge Conference is for annual business only. There will be a two-step registration process for virtual charge conferences. All who will be attending must first register with the District. Here is the link to send out to register. Individual registration is required by all who want to attend the Charge Conference by Sunday, October 18, 2020.


There will be a second registration with Zoom. The link to register on Zoom will be sent to all who complete the first registration on Monday, October 19, 2020.  

The following churches are in our large group:

  • First – Jupiter/Tequesta
  • First – Hobe Sound
  • Oceanview
  • United Methodist Church of the Palm Beaches
  • Trinity – West Palm Beach
  • First Hispanic


Friday, November 6th - 9:30 am

The Breezeway Crafters!

Join a lively group of handcrafters of all skill levels engaged in a variety of hand crafts.

Join a lively gathering of handcrafters, from beginners to seasoned veterans, in a variety of hands on craft projects. 

Participants can share ideas, patterns and help one another with their projects. Bring your craft project, a folding chair, something to drink and your sun hat and mask. 

Join us for a socially distanced time of crafting and chatting. 

Where: UPPER Breezeway at Oceanview UMC

Thursday, Nov. 12th - 7:00 pm

Hope and Health: Missions in the Midst of COVID-19 via Zoom

In a follow up to our previous COVID session, Jane Murphy, MSN and Lisa Leard, BSN will give current updates about Palm Beach County's COVID response. We will hear how UMWomen is doing Missions work nationally and in places like Sierra Leone during the pandemic. 

More importantly, learn what WE can do NOW, how we should do it, and who we can help - right here in our neighborhoods. Open to all friends and neighbors of Oceanview. Sponsored by Oceanview United Methodist Women. Via Zoom.

Register in advance:

Leadership Training Event 2020

This is for all local church clergy, leaders, and teams. Focus will be on Fresh Expressions. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020  l  Registration Required  l  Three locations from which to choose for your team to attend.

     District South - TBD  l  Live Site

     District Central - First Melbourne  l  Live Streaming Site

     District North - TBD  l  Live Streaming Site

We highly encourage every church in our district to have a team participate. Please mark your calendar, invite your team, and plan to attend at one of the three locations!

Rev. Matt Lake will be our guest speaker. He serves as the Lead Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Williamsport, PA, an urban congregation that consists of a mix of traditional and contemporary worship experiences. First Church also currently hosts a network of fresh expressions of ministry called the Acts Network in which people meet in places such as homes, gyms, and coffee shops. Matt is a graduate of Messiah College and has an M.Div from Duke Divinity School. Matt is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry focusing on Semiotics and Future Studies through Portland Seminary. He has worked with a variety of churches in a consultant role and has a passion to see God's Kingdom impacted through lives transformed in the love of Jesus Christ. 


Friday, December 4th - 9:30 am The Breezeway Crafters! 

Friday, December 4th - 9:30 AM (every 1st Friday) The Breezeway Crafters! 

Join a lively group of handcrafters of all skill levels engaged in a variety of hand crafts. Join a lively gathering of handcrafters, from beginners to seasoned veterans, in a variety of hands on craft projects. Participants can share ideas, patterns and help one another with their projects. 

Bring your craft project, a folding chair, something to drink and your sun hat and mask. Join us for a socially distanced time of crafting and chatting. 

Where: UPPER Breezeway at Oceanview UMC. 

Thursday, Dec. 10th - 7:00 pm Oceanview UMWomen's Holiday Mission Swap Party

Thursday, December 10th - 7:00 pm - Oceanview UMWomen's Holiday Mission Swap Party. 

Details to come. Save the Date. 

Includes the Installation of Officers. 

Longest Night ~ Dec. 21st 2020

On this night, we remember those for whom the holidays are not joyful; those that are lonely, in mourning, feeling alienated and cast apart from family celebrations. They are experiencing depression and sadness and yet are often compelled put on a 'happy face' for others, denying their true feelings. 

The Longest Night is a worship service scheduled around the winter solstice (the longest night of the calendar year) and it just happens to fall on or around December 21st every year. Following this date, daylight seems to be returning for more and more of each day. As Dan Benedict notes: “it is also the traditional feast day for Saint Thomas the Apostle. This linkage invites making some connections between Thomas's struggle to believe the tale of Jesus' resurrection, the long nights just before Christmas, and the struggle with darkness and grief faced by those living with loss.”

This service offers the opportunity to reclaim the richness of the theology of the Advent season. We sing Advent hymns, which are often played in minor keys and have lyrics pointing to hope in the presence of mystery. A very meaningful part of this service is a time where everyone is invited to share in a liturgy (call and response or a litany) and then we light candles as a sign-act of the light of Christ coming into the darkness of mourning. There are times of silent reflection, responsive prayers and communion.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of your other Christmas services, rituals, parties, and obligations; come experience peace and hope. The Longest Night service can be of tremendous help for those struggling in our community. It’s a witness that the Christ child comes as a sign of hope in the face of despair. And it’s a witness that Oceanview church is intentional about upholding members of the community in whatever season of life they may find themselves. 

Come find peace. Come find hope. Come find light on The Longest Night. 


Rance's Yoga Class resumes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am to 11:15 am at the lower parking lot west behind the professional building. Bring your own folding chair, rubber soled shoes, water, towel and mask

Serve with your hands...

Even in the midst of COVID, we are making plans for the future. You can help. Consider lending your expertise in various general sprucing up needs around our church! Examples: cleaning windows, sweeping or painting inside just to name a few things. Reach out to Chris Scranton, Trustee Chair @ with areas you can help clean/fix up. We are going have an awesome place to worship when everything is completed!