Home Worship for Sunday, October 10 2021

Staying home is a form of loving your neighbor. Think about it, you may be staying home for your own health but in reality you then become less of a carrier to others that you might come in contact with. 

If you are not comfortable attending socially distanced activities, please stay home and stay in touch! We hope you will feel close to God who is near even if we are far apart. May God Bless you and Keep you.

Prelude: The Prayer


A Special Greeting for Blessing of the Animals

The animals of God's creation inhabit the skies, the earth, and the sea. They share in the fortunes of human existence and have a part in human life. God, who confers gifts on all living things, has often used the service of animals or made them reminders of the gifts of salvation. Animals were saved from the flood and afterwards made a part of the covenant with Noah. (GENESIS 9:9–10)

The paschal lamb recalls the passover sacrifice and the deliverance from slavery in Egypt. (EXODUS 12:3–14) A giant fish saved Jonah; (JONAH 2:1–10) ravens brought bread to Elijah; (1 KINGS 17:6) animals were included in the repentance of Nineveh; (JONAH 3:7) and animals share in Christ's redemption of all God's creation.

We, therefore, invoke God's blessing on these animals. As we do so, let us praise the Creator and thank God for setting us as stewards over all the creatures of the earth.

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing UMH #400


St. Francis' Prayer for All Created Things

O most high, omnipotent, good Lord God, to you belong praise, glory, honor, and all blessing. For our brother the sun, who is our day and who brings us the light, who is fair, and radiant with a very great splendor; 

For our sister the moon, and for the stars, which you have set clear and lovely in heaven; For our brother the wind, and for air and clouds, calms and all weather; For our sister water, who serves us and is humble and precious and chaste; For our brother fire, by whom you light up the night, and who is fair and merry, and very mighty and strong; For our mother the earth, who sustains us and keeps us, and brings forth various fruits, and flowers of many colors, and grass; 

For all those who pardon one another for your love's sake, and who bear weakness and tribulation; Blessed are they who peaceably shall endure, walking by your most holy will; for you, O Most High, shall give them a crown. Amen.

Scripture: Genesis 32: 22-33 (CEB)

Jacob wrestles with God

22 Jacob got up during the night, took his two wives, his two women servants, and his eleven sons, and crossed the Jabbok River’s shallow water. 23 He took them and everything that belonged to him, and he helped them cross the river. 24 But Jacob stayed apart by himself, and a man wrestled with him until dawn broke. 25 When the man saw that he couldn’t defeat Jacob, he grabbed Jacob’s thigh and tore a muscle in Jacob’s thigh as he wrestled with him. 26 The man said, “Let me go because the dawn is breaking.”

But Jacob said, “I won’t let you go until you bless me.”

27 He said to Jacob, “What’s your name?” and he said, “Jacob.” 28 Then he said, “Your name won’t be Jacob any longer, but Israel,[a] because you struggled with God and with men and won.”

29 Jacob also asked and said, “Tell me your name.”

But he said, “Why do you ask for my name?” and he blessed Jacob there. 30 Jacob named the place Peniel,[b] “because I’ve seen God face-to-face, and my life has been saved.” 31 The sun rose as Jacob passed Penuel, limping because of his thigh.

Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

Message: "Rivalry or Reconciliation?"

Pastor Emily Denmark McGee

We Make the Road by Walking Series. 

Brothers and Sisters in the book of Genesis are rivals but there are such beautiful examples of repentance and reconciliation.


Goodness of God - Oceanview Worship

Verse 1

I love You Lord. Oh Your mercy never fails me

All my days, I've been held in Your hands

From the moment that I wake up, Until I lay my head

I will sing of the goodness of God


All my life You have been faithful. All my life You have been so so good

With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God

Verse 2

I love Your voice. You have led me through the fire

In darkest night, You are close like no other

I've known You as a father, I've known You as a friend

I have lived in the goodness of God


Your goodness is running after, It’s running after me

Your goodness is running after, It’s running after me

With my life laid down, I’m surrendered now

I give You everything

Your goodness is running after, It's running after me

CCLI Song # 7117726. Ben Fielding | Brian Johnson | Ed Cash | Jason Ingram | Jenn Johnson. © 2018 Capitol CMG Paragon, SHOUT! Music Publishing Australia, Fellow Ships Music, So Essential Tunes, Bethel Music Publishing. All rights reserved. CCLI License # 625707


The Blessing

May God, who created the animals of this earth, continue to protect and sustain us all, now and forever.