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  • Home Worship for Sunday, April 19 2020 - The Gospel biographies are filled with evocative, vivid parables, all about the Kingdom of God. They were Jesus’ central teaching. But this kingdom He speaks about is not a 'where' but a 'when'. It is the state of the world when people acknowledge God; when God is honored and worshiped and respected—the Kingdom is present. 1 Corinthians 3:16 NRSV. Message: "Kingdom, Not Building" with Rev. Betty Kniss.

  • Home Worship for April 19 - Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Amid our cancelled plans, God's plan still unfolds and it is for every one of us. Message: "Resurrection Sunday". Scripture: Acts 10:34-48 NRSV.

  • Home Worship for Tenebrae 2020 (Thursday and Friday), April 9th and 10th) - A Service of Tenebrae, or "Shadows," is based on a twelfth–century late night/early morning service and is an extended meditation on the passion of Christ. 

  • Home Worship for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 - The Love Feast is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with disciples during his ministry and expressing the koinonia (community, sharing, fellowship) enjoyed by the family of Christ. Scripture: Matthew 27: 62-66 CEB. Message: Seven Words to the Cross "The Futile Word".

  • Home Worship for Sunday, March 29 2020 - The courage of Joseph of Arimathea who asked for the body of Jesus. Scripture: Mark 15: 42-47 CEB. Message: Seven Words to the Cross "The Courageous Word".

  • Home Worship for Sunday, March 22 2020 - The Roman centurion was the only person in Mark's gospel to truly recognize Jesus for who he really was. Mark 15: 33-39 CEB. Message: Seven Words to the Cross "The Word of Testimony".